Hornela|Morocco is able to organize the African Nations Championship for women and it is my dream to join the Cameroon national team

16 يناير 2021 - 4:32 م


Books: Abdul Salam Muhammad 

Hornela played in Macedonia and Belarus last season and is a professional player and has the 

ability to move to the biggest clubs. 

Rosita Sport conducted a press interview with Huernela, the player of Inter Sport in Cameroon, in which she talked about her start in the stadiums and her ambition during the coming period and also talked about the level of women’s football in Africa and the Arab world 

Hornela started playing football in 2015 at Inter Sport and continued with them until now, and when asked, she answered . 

What clubs did you play for?

Inter sport second division in Cameroun

What is your ambition for the next period?

be first in the championship and go to the champions league

What do you think about the level of women’s football in Africa?

They are very good there is just a lack of sponsorship

What do you think of the African and Arab teams, and are they able to participate well in the Women’s World Cup?

Yes, they are talented and able to perform well in continental and international tournaments 

Who is the best player in the world?

The best player in the world is Wendy renard 

What do you think about Morocco hosting the Women’s World Cup?

Indeed, Morocco is able to organize the tournament and its level is fairly good 

What is your team ranking?

The season is over and we finished sixth in the second division Cameroonian league 

Do you want to send a message to ? 

I just want to thank Rosetta Sport for the great dialogue and support, and we wish you success in what comes next 

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